Fraud Management Solution

Pre-emptively guard your business against fraudsters.

ePayAlert is a data-driven fraud and risk management solution that enables banks and payment service providers to easily detect fraudulent transactions with pinpoint accuracy.

At its core, ePayAlert is powered by a market-leading fraud analytics engine capable of thoroughly analyzing multiple sets of data such as user device, location, card number, and IP addresses which help identify fraudulent behavior across any transaction.

Mitigate Risks & Fraud
ePayAlert significantly reduces your organization’s vulnerability to fraud by enabling you to detect fraudulent transactions fast.
Reduce Chargebacks
ePayAlert allows you to automatically block fraudulent transactions and flag suspicious behavior to minimize chargeback loss.
Decrease False Positives
ePayAlert performs in-depth analysis on all transactions to accurately determine valid transactions and single out fraudulent ones.


Customizable Risk Profile

Configure rules and parameters to effectively screen each transaction according to your business model and industry.

Real-Time Risk Alerts

Receive an email or SMS notification instantaneously each time a fraudulent or suspicious transaction has been identified.

Fraud Control Panel

Manage your risk profiles and review each payment transaction on a single web-based interface.

Multiple Deployment Options

Implement ePayAlert either as an “outsourced” or “on-premise” solution depending on your preferred infrastructure.

Reporting & Analysis Tool

Generate transaction summary reports in real time to get a detailed overview of fraudster activity and suspicious behaviour over your business.

Risk Profile Controls