Customized Payment Page

Strengthen brand recall at the point of purchase.

Customized Payment Page is a value-added solution that lets you tailor the design of your payment page based on your brand identity, allowing you to deliver a seamless and branded checkout process to customers.

Increase Store Credibility
Build trust by ensuring that your site reflects a professional and streamlined appearance throughout a customer’s shopping experience.
Boost Brand Recall
Imprint your brand in the minds of customers by maintaining a consistent visual identity across the checkout process.
Improve Conversion Rates
Minimize abandoned shopping carts by facilitating a consistent buyer experience.


Easy-to-edit Framework

Design your payment page in any way you want. Add images, edit typography, swap colors, change buttons and more.

Store Multiple Templates

Create, save and manage multiple design templates to support different marketing campaigns.

Easy Integration with Other Solutions

Add more capabilities to your branded payment page easily such as electronic vouchers and card promotion.

Deliver a seamless checkout experience today.