Card Promotion

Set up discounts to drive credit card usage among cardholders.

Card promotion payment is a powerful marketing tool that enables banks and merchants to offer promotional discounts during the checkout process to drive card usage among credit card users.

Boost Credit Card Usage
Encourage cardholders to frequently use their credit cards as a more cost-efficient and practical means to pay online.
Deliver Value to Customers
Providing discounts greatly increases a customer’s purchasing power since they can get more out of their money’s worth.
Improve Customer Retention
Offering special discounts drive repeat purchase and continued loyalty among consumers.


Campaign Maintenance

Set up, run and manage multiple campaigns. Specify the promotion dates and apply discount rates to different card brands.

Rule Maintenance

Define the promotion’s specific parameters such as discount types, discount rates, minimum charges, authorized card BINs and more.

Campaign Reporting Tool

Generate reports in detail and monitor each campaign’s performance in one place.

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