Rewards Platform

Drive engagement and customer satisfaction with irresistible rewards.

Redeem-n-Pay is a rewards and membership management platform that empowers organizations to create and run their own points-based loyalty program. With Redeem-n-Pay, businesses can enable customers to accumulate reward points and convert it into discounts for succeeding purchases.

Increase Customer Acquisition
Utilize incentives to pull in visitors and turn them into paying customers to drive acquisitions.
Improve Customer Retention
Boost repeat purchases by using rewards as a reason for customers to transact again on your site.
Build Customer Loyalty
Recognize frequent shoppers and reward your best customers to establish loyalty and brand advocacy.


Rewards Management

Set up your loyalty program however you want. Assign point conversion amounts, redemption conditions, discount rates and more.

Membership Management

Enroll frequent shoppers into the loyalty program easily with a few clicks. Review each customer’s information and more.

Comprehensive Reporting

Track all transactions, view customer spending patterns and oversee redemptions in real-time all in one place.

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