Electronic Voucher System

Engage more customers through discounts and deals.

E-Voucher is an electronic voucher management system that enables businesses to easily create, distribute and manage discount vouchers for promotional campaigns.

Increase Conversion Rates
Everyone loves discounts. Boost sales by allowing customers to purchase more through the use of vouchers.
Drive Customer Loyalty
Use E-Voucher to encourage clients to transact more and reward customers for their continued patronage.
Boost Brand Awareness
Utilize vouchers as an additional communication channel where you can market your brand to draw attention and recall.


E-Voucher Management

Monitor transactions in detail and track voucher redemption rates to measure the success of your campaigns.

E-Voucher Customization

Define the expiration date, set discount values, maximum number of use, and design vouchers in your own image.

Voucher Code Type

Distribute vouchers in either barcode (for offline) or QR code (for online) formats, the choice is yours.

Discount Value Type

Provide discounts in either fixed (e.g. $25 OFF) or percentage (e.g. 25% OFF) values.

Broadcast Medium Type

Issue all generated vouchers easily through SMS or by email.

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