Electronic Wallet Platform

Facilitate secure, fast and hassle-free payments.

PayYo is a white-label electronic wallet platform that enables customers to easily pay you by using credit cards, debit cards, netbanking or prepaid stored value credits in one account.

Drive Conversion Rates
Capture more customers by allowing them to pay using their preferred payment method. Providing more payment options lead to better conversions.
Enhance Checkout Experience
Allow your customers to complete transactions with a few clicks. Customers spend less time filling information and more time shopping online.
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
Prevent customers from leaving your site by giving them a payment facility that both protects all their payment details and rewards them for repeat purchases.


Multi-Payment Methods

With PayYo, anyone can easily pay you by credit cards, debit cards, netbanking or prepaid stored value credits using one account.

Multi-Currency Processing

Deliver a localized buying experience by enabling customers to use their native currencies to make payments.

Cross-Channel Payments

PayYo can used to take payments on any website, on any smartphone via an mPOS reader and via NFC or QR code on a merchant’s POS terminal.

Seamless API Integration

Integrate PayYo directly into your website, within your mobile app or with your POS terminal to deliver a smooth buying experience.

Loyalty Program & Rewards System

PayYo can be integrated with value-added solutions that let you generate electronic vouchers and offer credit card discounts.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

PayYo comes with a built-in reporting tool that allows you to generate, manage and track all payment transactions in real time.

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