Supply Chain Solution

Accelerate your business growth by connecting and monitoring all supply chain channels.

We offer a one-stop payment and supply chain gateway for every business.


  • Empowering the corporation thru digital supply chain transformation solution
  • Omnichannel - Connecting the ecommerce local, regional and global
  • Innovation Payment + Supply Chain Solutions


Help Corporation; The Brands and Product owners to build their e-commerce businesses to sell their products all around the world (Asia) thru OMNICHANNEL solution (PAYMENT + SUPPLY CHAIN).

Why Choose Supply Chain by AsiaPay


Our strength is in our expertise in payment and supply chain which we use to address client issues through a collaborative effort.


Our team of problem-solvers are proud to be known as experts with open minds and a flexible approach. We use the latest and greatest supply chain solutions.


We strive to help our clients transform the way they set supply chain. Our practices are centered on making decisions that keep our clients’ priorities and values in mind, helping them serve their customers better.

Products & Services


eCommerce Enabler

To support brands to be succeeded in the emerging eCommerce markets in an effective & efficient way.


Extensive Payment Options > More ways to get paid. Start accepting multiple online payment methods with just one integration.

Distribution & Fulfilment

Operational efficient logistics solutions set-up & implementation, Cost-effective omni-channel fulfilment (via local + cross border logistics solutions).

Digital Marketing

Professional digital transformation with greater CX (via greatest supply chain control (data visibility).

July 12, 2023

BUSINESS GOVirtual Tech Conference in Hong Kong
AsiaPay is invited by Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC), as the panelist to discuss the topic Innovative eCommerce Supply Chain Solutions in the New Retail Era for the brands to succeed in the emerging market in South-East Asia, and showcase how AsiaPay helps business partners remain competitive by using paydollar payment gateway to help drive eCommerce logistics and engage with consumers where they will spend their digital payment platforms.

May 9, 2023

The annual 3PL Value Creation Asia Summit in Hong Kong
AsiaPay Chief Supply Chain Officer Mr. Terry Chan invited by Armstrong & Associates, in partnership with KPMG, to speak at the annual 3PL Value Creation Asia Summit in Hong Kong, and he shared insights on global third-party logistics industry trends such as how to achieve zero carbon targets. This year’s event analyses the most important global third-party logistics industry trends (such as the reopening of China, interest rate hikes and monetary tightening, applications of Digital wallets & Cryptocurrencies, normalization of transportation rates, and strategic mergers and acquisitions) in an interactive and fully engaged way. Network with industry experts and peers that successfully navigate the unique daily complexities of the global 3PL industry.

April 20, 2023

The Global Sources Conference 2023 - eCommerce & Sunstainable Fashion, Hong Kong
The Global Sources Conference 2023 - eCommerce & sustainable fashion was held in Hong Kong. Mr. Terry Chan, the Chief Supply Chain Officer of AsiaPay was pleased to be invited to speak at the conference, to share his insights on the topic of "Innovation eCommerce Supply Chain Solutions for lifestyle brands to succeed in the circular ecosystem".


Difficult to Choose The Right Logistics Companies
Consumers Frequently Inquire Delivery Status
Time Consuming to Validate Multiple Logistics Billings
Logistics Companies NOT Open API Access & Shortage of IT Talent
Non dedicated team or team have little experience to handle online store operations, costly & take time to set up the logistics team
No INTEGRATION between online and offline store : Pick up, pay, deliver


High Logistics Cost
Many Consumer Complaints
Late Payment Penalty
Many Manual Work


One-Stop of Diversified Logistics
(Domestic, Locker, Convenient Store, International)

Fully Automated Operations with Low Technical Barrier


Enhance Customer Service by Tracking Automation


Easily Register, & Connect Payment and Logistics


Convenient Consolidated Monthly Billings


eCommerce Reporting


Benefits & Added-Values

Operational efficient logistics solutions
set-up & implementation.
Cost-effective omni-channel fulfillment
(via local + cross border logistics solutions).

Professional digital transformation with greater CX
(via greatest supply chain control (data visibility of payment + logistics).

Supply Chain by AsiaPay - Pricing Model


No subscription fee (during the promotional period*)

*Terms & conditions apply, AsiaPay reserve the final decision

Only settling shipping fee with AsiaPay Technology


No need to apply for a logistics account individually

eCommerce Reporting:

  1. 1. Comparison of the shipment volume by different service provider(s) in one chart
  2. 2. Shipments with different tracking events per service provider per time in one chart
  3. 3. Analysis of the lead time (LT) vs different timeframes in one chart

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